VH1 Burzum Filosofem’s unreported visual fatality


Burzum’s Filosofem album was the last thing recorded before Varg Vikernes was taken to prison to face his crime punishment, that almost everybody knows about; thanks to the media.

The album was actually recorded in the year 1993 and was not released before January 1996. So, if you can do the math, it has been almost 24 years now since the Filosofem album was officially launched to the public.

According to Varg Vikernes in an interview held in 2005, that was done for a webzine that no longer exists, called The Metal Crypt, the Filosofem album was a significant one to himself.

Quoted from Varg Vikernes’s interview:

This album contains the first real Burzum track, titled Dunkelheit on the album (but the real title of the track is Burzum. Dunkelheit is just the German translation of Burzum), that I originally wanted to include on the Hvis Lyset Tar Oss album (but the recording was very poor, so I didn’t use it). I changed the name to Burzum from Uruk-Hai when I made this song (I think in August 1991). The album is a bit weird, and far from perfect, but it is okay. Unfortunately, this is the album that sounds the most like the new Burzum music.

The misrepresentation of an album name

Now, as significant as that to an artist, the track titled as Dunkelheit, considered by Varg himself as the first real Burzum track, was misrepresented by the giant American television network, VH1 – owned by ViacomCBS.

Instead of Dunkelheit’s official video carrying the album name as Filosofem, VH1’s team of video editors decided to disregard showing the album’s correct name, to mistype it as Filososem!

A screenshot from YouTube

Aside from the visually informational damage that this might have caused people who are unaware of the artist in the first place, trying to search for Filososem – the wrong term on the internet and possibly finding nothing; it is also an indirect disrespect to the artist himself, and a massive miscommunication that should not have gone undisciplined.

In other words, moreover, the artist wrote the music and lyrics, recorded, mastered and mixed it, released it, and decided to go for an official video that was snatched by VH1 knowing that he is a controversial figure and that lots of people would be interested in watching his first-ever official video and that they VH1 would possibly gain a huge number of television views because of how famous the artist is with all his well-known media exposed history; and end up showing the wrong album name on his video!

But where is everybody?

That would possibly be a legit question to ask, as in, where are quality checkers, producers, broadcasting crew, even the artist, from checking the facts and quality of the music video before it was out?

This is a question that still puzzles many, knowing that it is a long process until a music video actually reaches the screen, which would probably push many to believe that truly everyone is responsible for this unforgettable glitch that still lives uncorrected.

Wisdom skipped a beat

Just as a remark here, the history behind the word Filosofem (Norwegian for the word Philosofeme) goes back to the late Latin philosophema, from Greek philosophēma, from philosophein to love or pursue knowledge, from philosophos lover of wisdom.

Weirdly enough, it seems that wisdom or specifically, in that case, the pursuit of knowledge has skipped a beat that possibly few could catch, but we had to highlight for the love and appreciation of music.

And finally, go and check the video here.