Blut Aus Nord’s Vindsval strikes again, this time with Forhist!



All of us have had a rough year so far, but there is always greatness in tough times – so we do believe!

A great moment is witnessed this year, here and now like said, and that is through Blut Aus Nord’s Vindsval announcement that was published just today, the 4th of December 2020, on Blut Aus Nord’s official Facebook page.

The announcement stated that Vindsval’s latest creation is coming under the name of Forhist and that it is even available for pre-ordering!

Alongside the incredibly beautiful work done by Vindsval for Blut Aus Nord, seems that he has like always more to showcase! This now takes place under the name Forhist; the project that is inspired by the ‘90s Norwegian Black Metal scene!

A big statement that is, especially that lots of music that is out there is massively inspired by that era. Still, we believe from what we have experienced, done by the mastermind Vindsval, that Forhist will never be a disappointment or a replica whatsoever.

Vindsval’s own words

In Vindsval’s own words, Forhist is a solitary walk in deep woods, an echo of the past, a return to the spiritual womb from which darkness first emerged.

Not only that, but on the band’s Bandcamp page, a deeper insight comes into place:

Eschewing experimentation, ‘avant-gardism’, the progressive and the dissonant, Forhist is purely a raw, intimate and poetic Black Metal act: a haunted dreamworld of harmonious yet savage riffs, deftly melodic leads, vocal malevolence, mystical choirs, escapist acoustics, perfectly-judged drumming and neo-gothic synth, all elevated by the inimitable mark of this composer-auteur“.

With entrancing cohesion, Forhist celebrates the wonderous nostalgia of initiation into the Dark Arts, exposing the roots of one of the most anomalous protagonists in Black Metal’s history“.


Pre-orders are being taken at this very moment, and we would absolutely recommend you do so!

Limited editions exist on some album formats, but here is more information below.


Forhist‘s album comes in four formats; Cassette Tape+MP3, Vinly+MP3 (Two different Vinyl versions) and CD.

European pre-orders are available here.

United States

Pre-orders for the American market feature the same bundle which is available for the European market; consisting of four formats.

Pre-orders for the American market are available through the following link.

What about a release date?

It seems that Forhist plans to release their first album on February 26, 2021; as per the information we have at hand.

But why is there no album preview?

We thought of the same question, and it seems that something is going to be revealed next week as per our sources; possibly a track premiere!!

Accordingly, we would like to advise you to keep an eye to the Forhist page on Bandcamp!

PS The album features eight tracks in Latin numerals.


From our own personal experiences, we believe that Vindsval has never put out something that does not talk to the listener’s soul; be it in the sound of Blut Aus Nord, Yeruselem or the impatiently awaited Forhist!

You will never be disappointed! Pre-order now!