A witchy approach by the Icelandic trio Kælan Mikla in their new single


Hello Darkness My Old Friend

If you are unfamiliar with the Icelandic new wave, dark pop, gothic, post-punk trio Kælan Mikla consisting of three beautiful women; then maybe it is the time to check them out.

But, if you already familiar with them; then you possibly have noticed their latest release titled Sólstöður, especially the song’s video which we believe is a job nicely done!

Before we dive into more details here, it seems that Kælan Mikla is probably falling darker and darker throughout their new open-sounded song.

Why do we describe it as open-sounded? Well, it seems that Sólstöður tune does not touch the ground, at least for us; it feels spacey and vast with a great sense of wandering.

The Solstice Single

Kælan Mikla‘s new single carries the name Sólstöður (Solstice in English) — released on the 2nd of April, the album was written by Kælan Mikla, recorded and mixed by Barði Jóhannsson, and finally mastered by Frank Arkwright from Abbey Road Studios. Nevertheless, the single’s video direction was done by Pola Maria.

Such information is most of the time boring for you as a reader; some other times useful. The reason behind mentioning that type of information here is to enrich you with additional knowledge.

We believe that this knowledge might help you grasp the bigger picture behind the collective collaboration that takes place to produce the sound, visuals and art that you as a listener, viewer and reader receive — so bear with us!


Now visuals here shall stand for two parts; Kælan Mikla‘s single graphic design and the artistic direction put into action through the band’s video for the single.

Graphic Design

It seems to us, as frankly as this, that Kælan Mikla‘s single cover-art does not appeal to us that much! Or possibly also does not deliver us as a listener/viewer a clear message.

The other aspect that we have a comment about also is that the design feels a bit Manga-ish; especially if you look back at earlier cover-art where abstract and dreamy take was the visual character.

Anyway, that is not for us to say, but we would assume Kælan Mikla has a point there that we are unaware of.

Video Production

Now, here is a very cool part! Those who haven’t seen the video for Kælan Mikla‘s new single Sólstöður should just watch it right away!


It is remarkably beautiful, of course headlined by the majestic nature Iceland is famous for, and fused with a witching set up that captures the essence of the openness in the sound of the band’s single!

Costumes are nice and we have even thought that they could have had a bit more camera attention perhaps through close-ups to highlight the beauty of the gowns, but this is just our opinion.

Scenes of dances with the raging sea in the background were beautifully shot and are symbolic, and much more is witnessed when the night has fallen.

In small words, the essence was visually captured resulting in a different and interesting video to represent the single.

Video director Pola Maria actually studied art at the Polish University of Poznan and has probably held her latest art exhibition at the Icelandic art venue Flædi, by the end of the year 2020.

Recording and Mixing

We have mentioned earlier the name Barði Jóhannsson, who worked on recording and mixing Kælan Mikla‘s single; but who is he actually?

Well, Barði Jóhannsson is an Icelandic composer and producer, known for working with soundtracks for films, documentaries and TV series.

Barði Jóhannssonhas also worked on music for advertisements and theatre, also produced and mixed for other artists.

He has also contributed to the movie Viets et Morts D’Andy Warhol with his musical side project called Lady & Bird.


Who’s the man with a master plan?

Well, seems that Frank Arkwright who apparently works for Abbey Road Studios was the man in charge of mastering Kælan Mikla‘s single, Sólstöður.

But who are these guys? Abbey Road, eh?

Well, you might be right! It seems that it is actually the Abbey Road Studios — the most famous recording studio in the world and a global music icon which was originally a nine-bedroom house built in the year 1829, purchased later on by the Gramophone Company in 1928 who went on to build the world’s first purpose-built recording studio.

Fascinating! Isn’t it?

Not only that but the studios which actually house a number of mastering suites featured mastering or remastering projects that included music from The Beatles, Sam Smith, Sade, Abba, Graham Coxon and The Rolling Stones among many other icons.

At The End

We would like to thank Kælan Mikla and all the experts involved in producing their beautiful single Sólstöður, and we hope we have slightly succeeded in enriching your knowledge as a reader and viewer with this content.

Finally, now get fascinated by the tune by heading to the band’s Bandcamp page to listen to Kælan Mikla‘s single Sólstöður, and watch the single’s video on YouTube right here!

And do not forget to support the artist in gratitude!