Looking at the humankind as one collective soul through experimental fusion waves




Goat is a very interesting formation, with a very unique sound-print; how was Goat formed and what was the concept behind the musical journey that began around 2012?

Goat has been around as a spiritual collective for centuries. But in the year 2012, some of us got in a studio together in Gothenburg and recorded the World Music album. Afterward, we went out on the road for some years.

Moreover, the interest in our music came as a big surprise and we had no concept or any plan at all. We just went along with the ride.

How many members does Goat feature, and how did you all meet?

Goat is a couple of hundred members. I haven’t met everyone yet. We are spread out across the globe. Currently working on raising humankind to a higher spiritual level. It’s not an easy job at the moment but someone has to do it.

What music did Goat members grow up listening to that might have had an indirect influence on Goat’s tunes?

Oh man…everything between heaven and hell is the only answer to that question. But ritual drums and the sound of the howling wind might be the answer you seek.

African and possibly oriental instruments, and eventually sound is heard in Goat’s music compositions; where did all of this come from, what triggered the fascination and possibly the costume taste too?

The costumes are our ritual robes passed down through generations. Our musical influences shine through because we don’t filter them out. We are not fascinated by African or oriental music more than other music. All music is part of humankind’s collective creations.

We are open to everything, and geographic or historical distance between certain music and us doesn’t exist.


Sound and songwriting

Have any members quit the band throughout its journey, what would be the reasons behind that?

No one has quit the live band. We have had a good 7-piece group within Goat that has done the shows. Sometimes it has been one or two people more – but it’s always been the same gang.

We have seen the Swedish band Goat using Sunn amplifiers on stage sometimes, why Sunn, and how does that affect Goat’s sound?

We mostly play on Fender twins. Maybe we borrowed the Sunn amplifiers you mentioned at some festival or something.

Goat’s songwriting is definitely unique, what inspires the songwriting process from a note to a complete song, and perhaps an album?

Different things, I guess. But mostly we don’t write songs. We just play and jam then quickly organize it to a song and record it. We don’t think so much about how the song shall be on the end.

The album grows on us the more stuff we record. Then we work on the last songs to get a good and interesting sequence album.

Are there any special preparations when it comes to your sound before you are on-stage?

Just sharpening the fuzz boxes and polishing the djembe.


Words and lyrics

Some songs carry deep titles; such as “Talk to God” and “Union of mind and soul” among others; do awareness and consciousness play a role in Goat’s music; and if so in what ways?

Awareness and consciousness, or the lack of both, play important roles in our music and our lives. You have to be aware of when you should be aware and when you don’t.

Sometimes we need to use our knowledge and view of the world in our music to get it right. But just as often we need to let go and just play and sing whatever comes out.

What books influence Goat’s members’ ideologies and thoughts? And does that reflect by any chance on lyrics you write?

Our philosophy of looking at humankind as one collective soul where our collective efforts and mistakes are everyone’s to enjoy and be inspired by or to take responsibility for, reflect in our lyrics sometimes – but sometimes not also.

But books… I don’t know. We read different stuff, I guess. Personally, I get inspired by French Sci-fi artists like Moebius and Philippe Druillet, old comics from Epix publishing inspire me also.


Symbolism and graphic identity

Goat’s graphic identity changed throughout the years; with album/single covers that fuse lots of colours in a busy pattern such as “World Music”, to very minimalistic styles – what is behind the shift, and how does cover art reflect your work?

Art is, of course, inspiring and many of us work with art in different ways. But the guys at Rocket Records have made most of our covers and we were fine with that because it felt like a good idea to not control that too much and let that go to other people to create their visions of the music.

But I don’t know if I like all our covers personally. But some of them.

An upside-down triangle is witnessed a few times on some of your records; what’s the concept behind such a geometrical figure, if there is any?

I don’t know actually? Maybe it has a meaning I’m not aware of.

Goat as a band logo/word is as well differently written on some records, what are reasons standing behind that?

No, it’s not. Not that I’m aware of anyway. I think it’s always spelled Goat.

What does the “sun” represent to Goat; as it is an element that is sometimes featured on your album covers, or as a sphere, or even in the name of a song?

Do we have that on our covers too? Well on “Requiem” maybe…? Anyway, the sun is the mother of all life. A symbol of life and happiness. Everyone has the ability to shine like the sun sometimes.


Movie soundtrack

The band made the soundtrack of the movie titled “Double Date”; how did you get involved in that?

We got a request to perform in the movie so we actually made a musical cameo like ourselves. Then the director asked if we wanted to make the score – an easy decision.

Are you also open to more sound collaborations, movies, or projects besides your own music you record and perform sometimes? Are there also any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Absolutely! Anyone, anytime, anywhere. Just contact us.


Record label

Although Swedish, you are signed to a UK based record label; Rocket music. How did this take place, and were you approached by any Nordic labels meanwhile?

Actually, we were signed to universal in Scandinavia and sub pop in the US, Rocket Records in the rest of the world.

Now, we are not signed with anyone at the moment since our contract has been fulfilled and we are on a break or something. Actually, we got in contact with Rocket Records because they saw our homemade video and liked it.



Who directs Goat’s videos? And what brief does the video producer receive before directing?

Same here as with the covers. Some videos we have done ourselves, some have been organized by labels. We haven’t cared for music about videos really. Maybe we should have. Some are not that good…

Have you ever thought of recording a DVD? Or even a documentary about Goat as a band?

No. People have asked but It has never led to anything.


Future plans

What could be possible future plans for Goat?

I don’t know (laughing). Maybe we never play again. Maybe we do, or maybe Goat becomes a new band. I have no idea at all.

If you would like to create a tour, what bands would you call to share the stage with you, and why?

I would like to meet up with old friends again so I would say King Gizzard, Holy Wave and Les Big Byrd. But then I like to meet new people also, so throw in three other bands I never heard of also and then it’s going to be a blast!