Zemial and ABSU join forces to recreate the mid 80s Thrash sound through Zofos Kimmerion



We had a small talk with Zemial‘s founder Vorskaath to highlight the formation of the new project Zofos Kimmerion with Equitant of ABSU.

Zofos Kimmerion was founded on the full moon of May 2021 and aims at delivering a crushing Black Thrash attack of a tradition long forgotten.


Both Zemial and ABSU belong to different black metal schools, with individual sound prints and identities – What brings both entities together?

Both bands have very similar influences: early Thrash Metal. That, along with a very strong friendship that is now 30 years old, is what brings Zofos Kimmerion together in 2021.

The new project goes under the name Zofos Kimmerion – What hides behind the name, and what is the significance of the band’s birth at the time of the May 2021 full moon?

The name is ancient Greek and means Kimmerian Darkness. The Kimmerians we refer to are the Kimmerian people originally mentioned by Homer as living in a land of fog and darkness, at the edge of the world and the entrance of Hades – a place we know as Acheron. But we also refer to the Kimmerians of Robert Howard, namely The Chronicles of Conan.

I had proposed the name to Equitant along with several other names and it so happened that it was on the evening of the full moon in May that we both agreed that this is the name we will use.  It wasn’t planned, but the omen is good.

How do you manage to work together considering the distance and the pandemic conditions, and how is the workflow taking place to produce a release?

With technology today, it isn’t as difficult as it once was. We send each other music and lyric ideas and I put them all together in my studio.  We would ideally work in person and we have considered that scenario for the future. But as it is we understand each other perfectly and the feel is there.

Things are moving fast and efficiently, so it’s all good.

On Zofos Kimmerion’s Facebook page, a description states the following: “Zofos Kimmerion harks back at the mid-80s Thrash metal scene of Bathory, Kreator, Slayer, Venom and Sodom for inspiration, with an intent to recreate that lost sound authentically” – How does Zofos Kimmerion work on making sure that recreating that lost sound authentically does not end up becoming a copy of a copy?

The thought hasn’t entered my mind. Our primary objective is to enjoy ourselves by playing a kind of music that we both admire and to make it sound as it did back in those days. 

For ourselves, for the joy of our collaboration. Extending that, we have secured instruments of that era and use production techniques of the time as well.
How people perceive it is something that is not relevant to how we write and how we feel about working together, but we trust that people who like old Thrash will enjoy it as much as we do.

In Conclusion

Looking back at the huge musical history of both entities Zemial and ABSU; we are certain that Zofos Kimmerion and their mid 80s sound will mesmerize listeners and fans of that specific decade sound, as well as Black Thrash metal devotees.

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